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ElementsEd Issue 02 cover: Making Kids Smarter: Are We Up to the Task?

Making Kids Smarter
Are We Up to the Task?

Issue 02 ▪︎ 2024

Are we preparing students to be smart enough to lead change in our uncertain future? What skills will they need? In the second issue of ElementsEd, we propose that being smart is the ability to use knowledge and thinking skills to anticipate, identify, and solve problems. This expands traditional concepts of intelligence to include skills such as empathy, long-term thinking, and creative problem-solving. Bringing together the voices of thought leaders, scholars, and educators, this issue provides new frameworks for understanding intelligence alongside research-proven, practical advice on how we can work together to make kids smarter.

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cover for Issue 01 of ElementsEd: Research + Insights + Strategies

When Schools Go Online
The Problems and the Promise

Issue 01 ▪︎ Fall 2022

Remote learning has suffered a public relations problem that has been exacerbated by the negative press coverage and experiences of many students, families, and educators during the COVID-19 pandemic. But when pundits and academics alike framed remote learning as an emergency response plan, they told a single story — one that is incomplete, under-informed, and increasingly distorted. Our first issue corrects this skewed point of view by telling stories about remote learning that have too often been obscured, overlooked, or ignored: how it is situated squarely within the history of innovation, how it can benefit even the youngest students, how it can be utilized to support learning in remote settings, how it serves neurodiverse learners, how it can strengthen families. Taken together, these perspectives both imagine and catalyze a world in which remote learning is not a third-rate option suitable only to get students through a global crisis, but rather a liberatory and transformative vision for our collective educational future.

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Introducing ElementsEd

How do we bridge the gap between educational research and everyday life in schools and classrooms? Education needs a new voice. ElementsEd answers this need with thoughtful, research-based, plainspoken prose. By examining issues of maximum practical value, ElementsEd responds to global challenges in education with research, insights, and strategies for the future.

We know that for educators, time is of the essence and the demands of teaching don’t leave a lot of room for reading formal educational research. ElementsEd presents clear and practical articles, solidly grounded in current research to provide actionable solutions for pressing educational challenges.

Issues of ElementsEd will examine global-scale problems through the lens of their actual and possible impacts on education. The content of the review includes thought leadership pieces from invited contributors, as well as independent submissions from teachers and researchers that address the specified theme.

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